Our story.

Drs. Courtney & Matthew Dunn, started their practice in 2006 from absolute scratch. At the time, they had one employee, no patients, and a ton of debt.

In the beginning, they tried every marketing idea out there to bring in new patients, from visiting general dentist offices to ask for referrals to newspaper ads to starting digital marketing campaigns before that was wildly popular for the orthodontic industry. They tried it all. Then, a year and a half into their office opening, the great recession hit -- and it hit the Phoenix area especially hard. Dentists were going out of business, subdivisions became ghost towns, and patients had no money. The Dunns had to be scrappy and creative and quickly adapt in order to stay in business.

According to a study in Phoenix Business Journal, 100 dental offices in that area went out of business in 2009 -- but not the Dunns.

Not only did they stay in business during the recession, they grew.

Trying to run a practice when the economy was crap and their service was considered “optional” for most was the best business schooling they could have ever had.

The Dunns kept their practice lean and focused heavily on marketing and managing their practice to get new patients into treatment. Matt began learning how to do website design and Search Engine Optimization. They credit a great deal of their growth to effective digital marketing -- strategies they still implement and teach to their private clients today.

Mindset became much more important to get new patients into treatment. This focus on mindset, systems, and support that helped the Dunns grow their practice during a recession -- and even open a third and fourth office just a few years later -- is the basis of what they teach inside of their workshops.


This is for you IF…

●     You are an orthodontist with at least one private practice, and you’d like to grow your practice

●     You are looking for a safe space and support system of other like-minded orthodontists

●     You are ready to implement new strategies to create more time in your schedule and profit in your pocket

●     You are willing to show up and do the work it takes to grow

●     You are excited to learn, connect, make new friends, and see your practice transform to give you more freedom and peace of mind

●     You are willing and ready to grow (inside and out) to create a profitable practice that also gives you plenty of free time


This is NOT for you IF…

●     You are not willing to look at your own mindset and how that may be getting in the way of you achieving your goals

●     You think you already know ‘all you need’ to get where you want to go with your orthodontic practice

●     You are not open to learning or trying new strategies in order to maximize your time, bring in more patients, or create healthier work-life balance

●     You are not willing to invest your time or energy in growing your practice