Training & management programs for orthodontists who want to grow their practice with leveraged systems and support.

Dunn Education exists to help orthodontists grow and lead their practice for more success and greater freedom. Being a successful business owner doesn’t have to mean sacrificing all of your time and energy to build and sustain a private practice.

At Dunn Education, we combine tactical training with developing the mindset to meet the unique needs of orthodontists.

From adding efficient systems to your office, to training your staff to handle H.R. and admin issues (without bugging you!), to implementing digital marketing campaigns that will provide a steady flow of new patients (no dentist referrals necessary)… we’re here to help you create the profitable practice of your dreams.

Because when your practice runs like a well-oiled machine, you get to focus on your expertise: putting more gorgeous smiles in the world.

Helping orthodontists grow their practices with a blend of support, management training, and marketing strategies.

My practice has grown 50% this last year and 40% the first year. I can’t think of two more passionate, kind, wonderful human beings. I think they really do their due diligence in terms of what works and what doesn’t. – Dr. Amani Mora

If you’re ready to get the support, sounding board, and strategies you need to grow your practice with the right “edge” that doesn’t rely on the brand of appliance you use, you’re in the right place.


We know that you can have an orthodontic practice that practically runs for you.


Where you show up for just a few days of office time per week.

Where your team fully supports you in all the administrative and management areas.

Where you still get to grow because new patients are starting treatment daily. 

We also get that right now it likely doesn’t feel that way. It might feel more overwhelming, exhausting, and oftentimes: lonely.



When you chose to become an orthodontist, you didn’t fully realize you’d also need to ---


●     Hire (and even worse: FIRE) staff to support your practice

●     Run payroll with fancy accounting software

●     Work with vendors to add value and revenue to your business

●     Deal with leases, licenses, and other types of contracts

●     Get tons of continuing ed credits every year

●     Stay relevant with innovative marketing and top-of-mind with referral sources

●     Create systems in your office so it runs like a well-oiled machine

●     Schedule intelligently because your time is precious and scarce

●     Work with insurance, banks, and other financing institutions 


Sometimes you wonder if you could wave a magic wand and clone yourself if that would solve all your problems.

The thing is… they don’t teach you ANY of this in school. 

So, you might be the best orthodontist around, providing the most incredible care to your patients, turning out more and more gorgeous smiles every day....

Unfortunately, those patient care skills don’t help you run and grow a profitable practice.

That’s why we exist.

Dunn Education was created to provide you with the management and orthodontic marketing strategies you need to become a leader in orthodontics -- and to address the unique challenges and concerns that orthodontists face.

 To date, our orthodontic practice consultants have helped orthodontists reclaim their time while also making more money in their practice, and even more importantly: feeling less alone and wildly supported while they’re at it.

What we’ve learned is that the biggest problem orthodontists keep running into is one that won’t fix itself.

If it seems like you don’t have enough time in the day to juggle being the doctor, and the care-taker, and the manager, and the marketer, and the accountant… that’s because it’s true:

You don’t have enough time to do all of those jobs, because you’re only one person.

The good news is that this problem of “not enough time” can be fixed with simple efficiency strategies.

Having a practice that gives you life (instead of takes away from it) comes down to three key things:


Running and growing a practice that is both profitable and gives you more free time starts with what you believe. We’re here to help you become the leader that will shut off email at a certain time of day or day of week and allow their team to handle it because they both trust the staff they’ve hired and trained AND they believe they deserve that quality time with their family.


From marketing to office communication to payroll to patient intake -- having systems that run like a well-oiled machine gives you the gift of time. When your staff has a clear process to follow and understands their role in keeping things running, you get to focus on your expertise and know that everything else is handled.


 You can’t accomplish your business goals all alone. Finding the right mentors, community, and team members is a key piece of the puzzle -- and we’re here to help with all of the above. We’ll guide you through hiring and training to set you up for success and provide you the sounding boards and experts so you don’t have to do this all alone.

When you have these pieces, all playing well together, anything is possible.

And by “anything,” we mean growing your practice by 2, 3, or even 4 times.

Of course, results vary for everyone based on their personal desires, preferences, and willingness to implement what we teach.

They’re fun. They’re honest. They’re open. You want to know numbers. They will give you numbers. – Dr. Lindsay Don

My business has definitely grown because of what I’ve learned. – Dr. Shafeena Chatur


We’re confident that with the right mindset, the right systems, and the right support, you can have…


●     Multiple practice offices that run smoothly without you putting in all those extra “after-office” hours

●     A steady flow of new patients to treat that you’re truly excited to work with and help

●     Your dream team of motivated staff members, from the front desk to billing to your treatment coordinator

●     Created 1000s more gorgeous smiles, boosted confidence, and received glowing reviews from happy patients

●     The option to say “no” to challenging patients before you enroll them in a treatment plan

●     Time back in your calendar for uninterrupted quality time with your friends, family, and vacations where you get to go truly off-the-grid for a whole week (or more)


We know what it takes to create and grow a sane, healthy orthodontic practice.

As a matter of fact, we have four ourselves.

It’s a great place for camaraderie and building each other up. – Dr. Christine Ferrell

The speakers all have unique perspectives and they are not speaking at every other conference. Every single detail has been paid attention to. It’s incredible. From the hotel you stay at to the food they serve. – Dr. Lisa Babb


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